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5. Policies

BHC provides a comprehensive set of policies and Procedures and codes of conduct and Discipline to run the day to day delivery of the club.

Its policies are updated on the Club Website, which is produced by Pitchero. Pitchero also provides comprehensive policies in adherence to European Guidelines to GDPR. Officials are in place for Health and Safety, Welfare and First aid adherence to ensure adherence to the best policies applicable.

Where possible all policies will be known on the club website – if not available on our website BHC will follow England Hockey policies where applicable policies are available – For Example

  • England Hockey Codes of Behaviour
  • England Hockey Code of Behaviour For Players, Volunteers, Officials, Umpires, Coaches and Parents
  • England Hockey Code of Behaviour for Players
  • England Hockey Code of Behaviour for Spectators and Parents
  • England Hockey Code of Behaviour for Coaches and Managers
  • En
gland Hockey Code of Behaviour for Umpires and Officials
  • EH Safeguarding and Protecting YP Policy March 2017
  • LW Call to Action Commitment 18:19
  • EH Good Practice when Working with Young People March 2017
  • EH Safeguarding Complaints and Disciplinary Regulations March 2017
  • EH DBS Eligibility Guidance
  • EH DBS Eligibility for Officials
  • EH Recruitment Guidance March 2017
  • BHC Anti-Bullying Policy March 2017
  • EH Equality Statement
  • EH Equality Policy July 2014
  • England Hockey Best Practice Guidelines
  • EH Anti-Bullying_Guidance
  • EH Good_Practice_-_Supervision__Communication__Social_Media__Changing_Rooms
  • EH Juniors_in_Senior_Teams_Guidance_-_Sept_2016
  • EH Think_Before_You_Post
  • EH Photography_Guidance
  • EH
First aid
  • BHC Emergency and First Aid Policy Sep 2017

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