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7. Fundraising

There's great ways to fundraise for the club:
Buckinghamshire Lottery
We have partnered with the Buckinghamshire Lottery - a fantastic weekly lottery giving you the opportunity to win £25,000 jackpot!
At least 60% from each ticket sold goes to support the area of Buckinghamshire.
Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week, with 50% of the ticket cost being returned to BHC!

Easy Fundraising
There is a rebate scheme if you access your online retailers via the BHC Easyfundraising link:

Auction of Promises
We host an annual auction of promises, which has become a great way to secure christmas presents and unique experiences. We welcome offers and pledges for the auction! The auction can be viewed here:

Kit Purchases
The club makes a small amount of money on each item of kit to support club funds.
See the kit section of the website for further info!

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